Seating available no matter how you get here.


Carraway Village is now offering an exclusive seating area. Bring your chair and FM radio and the outdoor seating is the option for you. You can sit back and enjoy a movie and park your car away from the screen. We operate rain or shine, no refunds.

Do you provide chairs for the seating area?

We encourage you to bring your own chairs but we do have A LIMITED NUMBER available for rent. FM radios too. Fear not, we won’t make you sit on the ground (unless you wanted to, of course).

Only $10 per car
  •  All tickets must be purchased on-line prior to arriving, tickets are sold per person
  • Tune into 91.1 FM in your car stereo or bring a battery FM radio to listen to your movie
  • Stay in your car/space, if you need to leave for any reason, and not vaccinated please  wear your mask
  • Battery died or need some assistance? Text us at 919-636-2968provide your parking space and we’ll be right over to assist.
  • All tickets are sold person
  • Gates open one hour prior to showtime
  • We are open rain, snow or shine

                                                                                       Fido’s Night Out! (rules)                                                               

Your pup must stay in your car; You are responsible for your furry friend ;  If you do take your pup for a walk, PLEASE pick up after them; Pet admission: A can or bag of pet food to be donated to Meals on Wheels, pet food program1.     Pet fee – bring a bag or can of pet food to be to Meals of Wheel, Pet Food Progn of pet food to be to Meals of Wheel, Pet Food Program


  • You must come in a vehicle that fits in one parking spot
  • Large vehicles such as SUVs and trucks need to park in the back
  • Headlights must be turned off while parked
  • Sitting on your roof is at your own risk and you must be in back rows
  • No sitting in empty car spots, if you are outside your vehicle, please stay within your paid parking spot 

Please stay within your parking space for the safety of yourself and others.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Sitting in a truck bed is permitted – guests must stay in the bed of their own truck, no loitering around the vehicle. If you decide to back up your vehicle, please let us know upon check-in so we can get you parked safely. Please note that truck and larger SUV’s are parked in a specified area.

Admission into the movie area will begin 1 hour prior to your film

Audio will be streamed 91.1 FM tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo or bring your own radio. 

The only language the station streams is English, unless the film itself is subtitled.

Please arrive early and  line up for entry together to ensure spots are close.  Remember to  remain within your space during the movie. There is no promise you will be next to each other; unless arriving at this time we are unable to take special requests. Vehicles are be physically distanced still at this time to protect the safety of all. If you wish to plan a group event with friends parked together, please contact us via our website: and fill out our event form. Someone from our team will be back in touch. 

No. Unfortunately motorcycles are not permitted at the drive-in.

For the safety of our customers, we do not allow firearms, weapons of any kind or drugs (including marijuana). All vehicles are subject to search. All garbage must stay inside the vehicle or placed in the provided trash receptacles.

No in and out privileges. There is a one-time entry; no re-entry is permitted for vehicle or by foot.

Restrooms will be open. You must wear a mask and keep a physical distance of 3 feet. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

We will communicate via email and social media if weather threatens the drive-in movie for that evening. We are open rain or shine. If we do need to close due to a weather advisory, we will reach out to you personally via, text, phone or email.

Yes, you may bring but you MUST sit within your parking space. 

We have a variety of concession items that are available to purchase prior to your show. We will have your order all ready for you upon your arrival. Guests can also purchase from your vehicle, just provide us with your space number and your snacks will be delivered to your car. Check out our menu at:


Yes, we do offer private events, please visit  and complete the form to give us some basic information requiting your special event. Someone will be back I touch with you within 72 hours.